Earn bitcoin by referring friends & family to BitX

Users can now earn bitcoin by referring their friends and family to BitX.



What you need to do

Simply log into your BitX account and click on Promotions from the menu. You’ll see a personal invitation code:


What your friends need to do

After they’ve signed up for a BitX account, they can enter your code on the same Promotions page:


Once they have bought or sold more than 0.1 BTC, both you and they will receive a credit.

Note that we’re still testing the promotions functionality and that the amount, requirements and currencies might be different from our screen grabs in this blog post! This promotion will run until the end of October.


Werner van Rooyen
Werner heads up Business Development and Growth at BitX. His passions include payments, e-commerce, technology, marketing and design: something that he has been fortunate enough to do on three different continents. Werner has lived and worked in South Africa, the United States, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.