We are money, re-invented.

When one considers the overall efficiency of modern information and communication systems, the level of disconnectedness and inefficiency of the world’s financial infrastructure is truly astonishing: transactions are slow, fees are exorbitant, systems are not interoperable, and user experience and privacy is largely ignored.

Furthermore, the existing system also effectively excludes billions of people, mainly those in developing markets, from an essential service that has been proven to enhance security and raise overall standards of living.

It is time for all of this to change.

Since our founding in early 2013, the BitX vision has been very clear: to make money frictionless and universally accessible. We are doing this by building an intelligent and open global financial platform, leveraging the most optimal technologies available, including the blockchain.

Just as the internet has empowered billions of people around the world by giving them access to virtually free information and laying the foundation for unthinkable levels of human innovation, we are laying the foundations that will give everyone access to a truly global and open financial platform.

And just like the majority of people leapfrogged old technologies like landlines and computers, we believe that there is an entire new generation of people that will also leapfrog antiquated financial systems.

To some people this is all unexpected and new. To us, it’s just another manifestation of the power of technology, and the natural evolution of money.

It’s a change that is inevitable; we’re just making it happen faster.

The BitX team comes from a wide range of backgrounds in engineering, finance and industry, but all united in our passion to revolutionize the way people access and work with money.

Most of our team have worked across many different countries, speak multiple languages, and have a strong mix of entrepreneurial backgrounds and experience in working for leading global companies such as Google, PayPal, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and Ernst & Young.

We’re a global business with an international team that values diversity, teamwork, and a continuous quest for excellence.

If you’d like to join an ambitious and talented team pushing the boundaries of finance and technology, please visit our careers page.

    BitX is proud to be backed by some of the world’s largest and most astute technology and cryptocurrency investors:

    Founded in 1915, Naspers (http://www.naspers.com) is a broad-based multinational internet and media group, offering services in more than 130 countries. Its principal operations are in e-commerce (i.e. classifieds, online retail, marketplaces, online comparison shopping, payments and online services), video-entertainment and print media. It also holds minority investments in listed internet companies Tencent and Mail.ru.

    Digital Currency Group (http://dcg.co) was founded by Barry Silbert, founder and Chairman of SecondMarket. Barry began buying bitcoin in early 2012, and made his first angel investment in a bitcoin company later that year. Recognizing the potential of digital currencies and the associated technology, he continued actively pursuing opportunities in the space and later brought all of these investments together under one cohesive, integrated family of companies now known as Digital Currency Group.