Drive large-scale positive change

We are helping to bring the power of crypto-currency to the world: it’s a technology that will help democratise finance and enable large-scale global efficiency. It's a virtuous cause and we are wholeheartedly committed to be on the forefront of driving this revolution.

Focus on the customer

Our main aim is to provide an unrivalled customer experience, in everything we do. Every day, we focus on how we can make life easier and more pleasant for our customers. That is the most important thing we all care about.

Data, data, data

We are a data driven organisation. We look at data not when the need arises, but as a matter of habit: collect, analyse and make decisions around it every day.

Compliance and security

We take compliance and security very seriously. This is core to our business and our brand. Without this we cannot exist. No shortcuts.

Mobile first

We are a mobile company. We think, eat and breathe mobile. We then build the rest of our business around this mobile core. This is critical to succeeding in the markets we operate in.

We lead the market

We are leaders, not followers. We think big (no, even bigger than that!), we’re creative, always on the front foot, we aim to be no 1 in all our markets. While we never underestimate the competition, we also never let it distract us. Innovation and thought leadership is part of our DNA.

Work hard and win

We work harder, smarter and faster than everyone else. Every day. We like to win, and this is a critical component in getting there.

Only the best talent

We only employ the best people. We only recruit people better and smarter than we already have. We give people room to take risks and make mistakes, but at the same token if they are not good enough for this business they need to move on.

Continuous re-invention

We continually re assess ourselves, our plans, our environment. We're in an industry with a lot of unknowns and we have to be very flexible and adaptable. Always move fast. We are not perfect and will make mistakes, but never the same mistakes, and we recover even faster.

We are a team

We are a team and we are on this great journey together. We help each other, challenge each other, push each other. And most importantly have fun doing it.

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